RELOC AG – Terms and Conditions

  1. Landlord: RELOC AG, Neue Winterthurerstrasse 26, 8304 Wallisellen (info@relocag.ch, Tel +41 44 533 12 40)
  2. Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 12 am and 1 pm – 6 pm (Fri until 5pm).
  3. Contact form: The contact form is an integral part of the rental contract. The tenant confirms with his/her signature that all the information provided is correct. Any changes must be updated with the landlord within two business days.
  4. Rented unit: The tenant has the right to live in the unit or a unit of the category visible on the rental contract for the duration mentioned on the rental contract. The landlord reserves the right to relocate the tenant before and during the rental period into a unit of the same or higher category within the same property.
  5. 5. Moving in: The handover takes place on the first day of the renting period (if nothing else was agreed on). The exact time must be agreed on with the landlord. If this particular day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will be delayed to the next legal workday. The hand-over of keys including key receipt shall happen personally in our office. Address: Bahnhofstrasse 36, 8304 Wallisellen.
  6. 6. Moving out: On the last day of the tenancy the flat must be left tidy until 10am. Private belongings (including waste) are not allowed to be left in the apartment. The keys must be returned to our office until 12am of the same day. For the key handover please arrange an appointment with our employees 7 days before departure. Should we not receive the keys in time or in case of loss of the keys through the tenant the landlord reserves the right to charge the tenant CHF 500.00 for the exchange of locking systems.
  7. Registration: The tenant is obligated to register himself/herself and possible cohabitants within 8 days at the municipality of residence (see manual in the apartment). Corresponding proof may be requested by the landlord at any time.
  8. Keys: See key receipt (received during handover). The key receipt is part of the rental contract. In case of loss of a key through the tenant a penalty fee of CHF 500.00 will be charged to replace locking systems.
  9. Inventory: The inventory list forms an integral part of the rental contract. The tenant receives the inventory list during key handover. Any noticeable defects, damages to the furniture or missing inventory must be reported to the landlord in written form within 5 workdays from the start of the lease. Non-reported damages or missing inventory will be charged to the tenant.
  10. Utilisation of the unit: The unit may only be used by the persons mentioned in the rental contract. In case of over-occupancy the landlord may charge the additional expenses to the tenant resp. terminate the contract without notice. The unit may only be used for habitation purposes. Commercial use of the unit is strictly forbidden. The furnishing, the inventory, electricity and water, washing machine and dryer as well as one bicycle per unit (if available) are offered by the landlord for use. Unnecessary utilisation of electricity and water is forbidden and may be additionally charged at the discretion of the landlord.
  11. Utilities: Depending on availability and rental contract – Parking lot, garage space, drying room and storeroom for strollers and bicycles.
  12. Internet: The landlord offers COMPLIMENTARY internet access via Wi-Fi in all properties. The password for the network can be found in the manual in your apartment. Our hardware is up to a modern standard and limited to a general use (web-browsers, e-mails etc.). Therefore the utilisation of the internet is limited to 2 browser compatible devices per unit. In case of disturbance or error the landlord has to repair the problem within 48h (workdays) or provide a provisional solution. Due to an elevated utilisation of the network in the evening or on weekends, the landlord may not guarantee a certain or stable download speed. The landlord is not responsible for hardware or software of the tenant. The connection to the internet is unprotected and used on the own responsibility of the tenant. Liabilities for possible damages through spam, viruses, spyware, malware etc. are declined by the landlord. The landlord is further not responsible for the performance and speed offered by the internet provider. For commercial use of the internet (video conferences, internet calls etc.) or bigger amounts of data (streaming music, videos, movies etc.) we recommend to order a private internet connection from a local provider.
  13. Responsibility: The tenant is fully liable for rental, cleaning and any damage caused to property or inventory during the lease period. Property must be treated carefully. In addition it is expected to be respectful towards neighbours. The cleaning of the kitchen accessories (incl. oven) and cutlery is the responsibility of tenant. Furthermore the tenant is obliged to aerate the apartment regularly.If any damages occur, the tenant must immediately contact RELOC AG. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by him or cohabitants unless proven not guilty. Damages can be offset with the deposit. Same responsibility applies if apartment can not be handed over to the next tenant due to extraordinary repair or cleaning works. Corresponding business damage may be charged to the tenant.
  14. Awnings: Awnings should be retracted when rain/wind is approaching. After each use, unhinge winder and place on the ground to avoid any damages or disturbances to the neighbours. Damages caused by weather due to negligent behaviour will be charged to the tenant.
  15. Maintenance: If urgent maintenance works are needed the landlord is to be informed immediately. If landlord is not reachable or risk of greater damage is given, the tenant is requested to act to the best of his/her knowledge and judgement.
  16. Changes to the apartment: The tenant is not allowed to make any changes to the rented apartment.
  17. Viewings and right of access: The tenant acknowledges that the apartment may be shown to prospective residents. A prospective resident will always be accompanied by an employee of the landlord and any disturbances will be kept to a minimum. In addition to that the right of access is granted to the landlord for the periodic cleaning of the flat and its control as well as for maintenance and repair.
  18. Rent: The agreed monthly rent is to be paid and due in advance. Access to the house key and to the rented apartment is subject to receipt of confirmation of first month’s rent payment and the initial deposit (the amount must have been transferred on the bank account or paid on-site cash or with credit card). Payments must be made on time. Failure to pay on time will give the landlord the right to deny access to the rented apartment. These conditions apply when moving in, during stay and in case of extension. The rent is paid on time as far as the landlord may dispose of the amount owed on the due date. In case of delayed payment the landlord reserves the right to charge resulting expenditures along with default interests amounting to 5%. Transaction and bank charges, exchange rate variations and any other deductions have to be taken in charge by the tenant.
  19. Deposit: The deposit is a guarantee for possible claims resulting from the tenancy and becomes payable immediately upon finalizing the contract. The amount (minus possible chargings) will be retransferred within six weeks after contract ending to the bank account specified by the tenant. A cash pay-out to tenant or settlement of rent or other claims of the landlord with deposit are not possible.
  20. Credit card: We accept following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and EC Maestro. In case of payment by credit card a surcharge of 3% applies and possible costs for back postings will be paid by the tenant.
    The landlord has the right to request valid credit card details as guarantee for possible claims resulting from the tenancy, to save them during the whole duration of the lease and charge the corresponding credit card up to 2 weeks after check-out for possible claims (services, damages occurred during lease, missing inventory or the like).
  21. Cleaning: The apartment will be cleaned once per week (unless otherwise specified in the contract). The fixed day is communicated during the key handover. For organisational reasons we can not give a precise time for the cleaning. If you wish to have a different cleaning appointment, an extra charge of CHF 50.00 per cleaning will apply. The weekly cleaning includes cleaning of surfaces and of the floor in the flat, kitchen and bathroom, as well as linen and towels change. Please leave your flat in a tidy condition on the cleaning day, so that we can perform the cleaning without hindrance. Waste bags will not be disposed by our cleaning personnel (exception: Uster) and personal belongings will not be tidied.
  22. Insurance: The tenant is obliged to be insured in the form of a personal liability insurance against tenant damages during the whole rental period. The tenant is also responsible for the security of the rented unit (burglary etc.). The landlord refuses any liability for personal belongings of the tenant. The tenant is responsible for the above mentioned insurance.
  23. Parking space: The tenant and his/her guests are allowed to park only on their rented parking space. Parking outside of the rented parking space is forbidden. Any illegal parking on the property will be penalised.
  24. Bicycles: Bicycles may only be placed in the designated bike racks.
  25. Noise ordinance: Between 10pm and 6am absolute silence in the house is required. The current police and town regulations on this matter also apply.
  26. Stairway: The stairway is not part of the rented apartment and therefore it is not permitted to store any items short or long-term.
  27. Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the apartment as well as on the common areas of the property. In case of violation of the smoking ban the necessary cleaning costs will be charged to the tenant (min. CHF 500.00).
  28. Pets and plants: Without written consent of the landlord it is forbidden to keep pets (including small animals) or cultivate plants in the apartment.
  29. Extension of stay: Upon availability of the rented apartment, the rental contact may be extended after consulting the landlord with a written request at least two weeks before the end of the lease. Extension must be of min. 14 days. Late extension requests can not be taken into account and possibly lead to subletting of the apartment.
  30. Final cleaning: A fixed amount for the final cleaning is charged beforehand. If the apartment is left in improper conditions, CHF 50.00 per hour for the extra cleaning effort will be charged to the tenant.
  31. Mail: During the stay letters and parcels will be delivered directly by the Swiss Post or other parcel services. The apartment name must be indicated in the address. Letters and parcels received after the tenant’s move-out will be kept on-site by the landlord for max. 1 month or sent to the tenant’s new address upon request and upon charge.
  32. Lost property: Forgotten personal belongings will be kept on-site for max. 1 month and the tenant will be informed accordingly. After 1 month the landlord has the right to dispose of forgotten belongings and charge the former tenant for a possible recycling fee.
  33. Cancellation: In case of cancellation the following charges will apply: Up to 40 days upon arrival 10%, 39 to 30 days upon arrival 50%, 29 to 7 days upon arrival 80% of the total invoice – 6 days until start of rental as well on arrival day the total sum is owed (max. one month rent). The determining factor is the arrival of the notification to the landlord (on weekends and holidays the next working day will be decisive). The full amount will be owed in case of no-show or late arrival. The full rent amount is owed also in case of an early move-out.
  34. Applicable law: This rental contract is subject to Swiss law. The Swiss Code of Obligations applies where not otherwise agreed (Art. 253ff. OR).
  35. Place of jurisdiction: Place of jurisdiction for all conflicts resulting from this contract is the town where the property is rented.